Our Vision:
Phone as a Service

everphone: the Concept

everphone's history starts with a broken smartphone display. It belonged to Jan Dzulko, our CEO and founder. 

"That was close", thought Jan, who had taken out insurance on the smartphone – only to discover it would take three weeks and lots of red tape untill the insurance accepted the damage and replaced the device. 

The mobile work enthusiast was sure: this could be done better, quicker and more user-friendly. The basic concept of everphone was born.


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Our history



In the beginning of 2016, Jan decided to found everphone. Soon, the first prototype was ready: in May 2016 a smartphone club for B2C clients was successfully launched. The product thrived – but many clients were not only interested in our service in cases of damages or losses. Time and again we received requests to rent smartphones and tablets.

From B2C to B2B

The growing demand for smartphone rentals and feedback from B2B stakeholders were the main reasons to realign everphone to a B2B focus. End of 2017, we launched "Phone as a Service". Since focusing on the B2B market, everphone has become a flourishing company with a rapidly growing number of clients and rental devices.

CEO Jan Dzulko

Before developing and leading everphone, CEO Jan Dzulko was managing director of M-Cube, an incubator for comparison web portals. After that, he was a member of the executive board at CHECK24. 

As our CEO, he is responsible for the strategic focus and sales development to date.


everphone's service focusses on our clients' needs and their feedback, not on concerns and expenses.


We want to solve problems and delight our clients. Concrete results and successes keep us going.


We test our services and offers at an early stage. We keep learning through continuous feedback. 


We appreciate difference in opinion and are open to criticism. We are honest and respectful. 


Our employees may and shall act independently. We support them to reach their goals.

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