Company Phones and Business Tablets

everphone is the clever way of providing employees with smartphones and tablets.

Full Service for
Company Phones and Tablets


With Phone as a Service, you only pay for the smartphones and tablets that your employees actually use. We take on everything including roll-out, repairs, upgrades, and recycling.


Your company is growing quickly? With our scalable "as a service" solution, your fleet of devices can increase in line with your needs, as new employees join your business.

Cost Trans­parency

No hidden costs, no bait and switch offers, no nonsense. We provide a comprehensive service for your mobile devices with a clear final price. At last, you'll have transparent mobile costs.

Company Smartphones

What do your employees want? Our corporate phone selection includes the latest iPhones as well as Android smartphones from Samsung, Nokia, Google and Fairphone.

Business Tablets

Need tablets for your sales reps and managers? Choose from current Apple iPads and a fine selection of Android tablets. We take care of data protection on all devices.

"Living" Portfolio

Mobile devices are a fast changing market. We regularly update our selection of equipment and integrate newly launched smartphones, tablets, and accessories into our "living" portfolio.

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Company Devices from Apple, Samsung, Nokia & Co? Yes, please!

Our company devices can be used privately

"Phone as a Service" transforms the company phone from a productivity tool into an employee benefit. By integrating an MDM software, work and private data are completely separated on your devices. Therefore, our smartphones and tablets can also be used privately and in compliance with GDPR regulations.

If needed, we provide the MDM licenses – or we simply integrate the MDM solution you already use. Result:

  • unrestricted and safe personal use of company phones and tablets
  • full protection of sensitive business data
  • if device is lost/stolen, business data can remotely be deleted ("remote wipe")
  • phone number separation thanks to "Dual SIM" devices
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Corporate Phones & Tablets:
Renting is the New Owning

Phone as a Service

Phone as a Service

Instead of owning the company phones, you simply rent them! Ownership means responsibility and effort. We take complete care of the devices, so you can focus on the core tasks of your job.


Devices & Prices

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Outtasking: Relieve the IT 

Our service substantially relieves your organisation and IT department of almost all tasks related to company phones and tablets. everphone efficiently and reliably takes care of everything.

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