Device Life­cycle

We take care of your company cell phones and business tablets throughout their entire service life. And even longer.

Device Life­cycle Manage­ment for Smart­phones and Tablets:
We'll handle it.

Selection and Procurement

We help finding the devices that are right for your employees: iOS or Android? Entry-level, mid-range or top shelf? We care of the procurement – no to-dos for you here.

ABM, Knox and MDM

Do you use the Apple Business Manager for your iPhones? Do you secure Android devices with Samsung Knox? Do you use an MDM? We will be happy to support you with insights.

End-to-End Logistics

We shorten routes and shipping times by sending our devices directly to the employee. Detours via headquarters, the IT office or the help desk are no longer necessary.

Phone as a Service

During the rental term, everphone takes care of issues directly with the user. That includes device replacements and upgrades. No additional costs for the company.

Self-Service & Monitoring

While we directly help employees from the device roll-out during onboarding until device returns, IT can monitor all processes. However, there are no tasks for your IT specialists here.

Refurbishing & Recycling

"Circular economy" for greater sustainability: returned devices are refurbished after a certified data erasure and can be used in a second lifecycle. If not, we will recycle the device. 


Do you want to know more about device life­cycle manage­ment?
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Device Life­cycle Management

Save up to five hours/year per device!

From countless conversations, we know that companies spend between four and five hours on procurement, roll-out, asset management, repairs and device returns, per device, per year! everphone completely relieves your organization of this effort. 

Your IT sets the specifications and monitors the process. We handle the devices, taking care of all necessary steps directly with the user. This way, the phones and tablets reach the right recipient in a timely manner and without unnecessary tasks in IT, HR or procurement.

You gain full cost control over your mobile devices and have linear, plannable expenses. Your employees will be happy about the seamless provision of the devices and can get to work right away. Last but not least, everphone promotes sustainability in your company by optimizing the duration of use and the number of devices.


Managing Company Devices Through the Entire Lifecycle


Mobile Device Management

In many companies, the use of an MDM software is highly recommended. We are happy to advise you on possible providers or simply integrate the MDM solution you already have.

Asset Management

With our everphone customer portal, you always have an overview of who is currently using which device and which phone plan. Users can report damages here and also request upgrades.



"Phone as a Service" is based on the concept of circular economy. This increases the useful life of the devices on the one hand, and reduces the number of devices on the other. Both is awesome.

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