Company Phones: Quick and Easy

Whether it's phones, tablets or laptops, we take care of all your mobile device needs with our all-around, worry-free service.

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Outsource the Effort

Procuring, managing, and maintaining mobile devices can get really expensive, really fast. Purchasing, IT, office management, and accounting have to get the equipment, set it up, and keep it running.

That means communicating not only with the employees involved, but also with insurance companies, repair shops, and mobile providers. All of this takes time that could be spent on other efforts.

  1. High IT outlay
    Notoriously scarce IT professionals, in particular, often get jammed up with redundant tasks for mobile devices.

  2. Excessive costs
    Procurement, distribution, and troubleshooting quickly drive operating costs to unexpected heights.

  3. Data privacy and security
    Companies often lack viable options for mobile security, privacy acts, or GDPR-compliant mobile strategies.

  4. Low employee satisfaction and retention
    Unsuitable work phones and long repair cycles make for unhappy employees.

Phone as a Service

With “Phone as a Service,” everphone takes care of everything your smartphones and tablets need; from purchasing and setup to distribution to employees. We’ve developed highly specialized workflows that cover all the key steps for efficient mobile device management, quickly and reliably. We’ll also take care of any defects, returns, and offboardingall at a fair, transparent monthly rate.


Mobile Devices to Meet Demand

“Phone as a Service” offers you two options for equipping your employees with the right devices.


1. In the “Classic” model, IT, and Purchasing determine which employees get which device, and everphone takes care of the rest.

2. The “CYOD” (choose your own device) model allows the employee to choose for themselves. Here, the company provides a fixed budget per device. If the employee wants a device that costs more, they pay the difference themselves through an employee co-payment. Our solution gives employees unrestricted, secure private use of their devices.

High-Performance Devices

It’s hard to imagine everyday life without devices. We offer smartphones, tablets, and laptops from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google, and Motorola, all of which promise an excellent user experience with their performance.

Accessories such as headphones, covers, and keyboards are also available.





Microsoft Surface Pro7+ mieten


MDM Software

An MDM (Mobile Device Management) software is a key component of our concept. MDM is fundamental to data security, and the separation of professional and private user data on devices. If you already have an MDM, we can integrate your solution. If not, we can provide you with licenses from our technology partners.

Data Privacy and Security

everphone also makes compliance with data privacy and security regulations much easier. Our approach is compliant with privacy acts, and reliably implements mobile security policies across all of your company’s terminals.


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The Company Phone as a Job Perk

everphone turns company phones, laptops, and iPads into coveted job perks that will excite your employees and boost their company loyalty.

Your employees can use our devices privately, and safely, with no restrictions.


Broken display? Dead battery? We replace defective devices quickly, with no bureaucratic red tape.


iOS or Android? With everphone, your employees can pick the model they want.

Phone as a Service—How It Works in Practice

Over 1,000 companies have already turned to everphone for their device needs. Our application examples show how everphone is helping in day-to-day operations and how your company can also benefit from our service.

Innovations at everphone

Our team is constantly working on new ideas to make using mobile devices easier, more affordable, and more sustainable.

Accessory Vending Machine

How often do your employees forget chargers, headsets, or adapters?

We can fix that: We can provide small technical accessories in a vending machine in your branch. Purchases are done via QR code.


Behind the Scenes

We at everphone are rethinking the company phone—but who are we? Take a look behind the scenes and get to know our creative leads.

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