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everphone has reinvented the company phone: With “phone as a service,” we offer a sustainable, user-friendly concept for providing employees with the latest smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Whether Apple or Android – we procure, configure, and ship them directly to your employees. We also take care of defects and other issues. Our goal is to completely relieve your organization of everything to do with mobile devices.



Discover the four benefits our comprehensive device service has to offer:

Sustainable company devices


IT relief




Considerable cost reduction

Sustainable use of company devices

By equipping your employees according to their needs, you contribute to using valuable resources economically and for as long as possible. What makes phone as a service sustainable:

  • Only the devices you actually need stay in circulation.
  • Devices are also available for employees’ private use.
  • Device service life is at least doubled through consistent secondary marketing.


Lighten the work load for IT and Purchasing

Our smart service takes care of all the organizational baggage that comes with mobile devices in terms of procurement, integration, and maintenance. We relieve your IT permanently and sustainably through:

  • Complete outtasking of all tasks related to mobile devices.
  • Full transparency regarding device inventory and users.
  • Consistent implementation of data security and data protection requirements.

Company phones for private use

As a general rule, our company devices can also be used privately. Your employees can even pick out their specific model of choice we call this “choose your own device”. Inspire your employees with the latest technology as an employee benefit:

  • Employees no longer need a second, private phone.
  • Premium devices become affordable through co-payments.
  • Employees can use the operating system they are most familiar with.

Reduce costs for devices and mobile plans

Do you still have a clear overview of your leasing rates, expiring discounts, contract terms, and bundle offers? Bring some transparency to your expenses with everphone. You can save through:

  • A more cost-effective unbundling of hardware and mobile plans.
  • All-around service including device replacements and first-level support.
  • Need-based special termination rights in the event of an employee change.

Phone as a service in your company

In principle, any company with more than 100 employees can benefit from our services. If you’re also seeing noticeable outlay in your organization to procure, manage, and/or repair mobile devices, we can help. We will be happy to provide you with a free, absolutely no-obligation consultation.

Get to know us

Many questions are best answered in a short call. Request a free no-obligation consultation here – we can have a quick chat, then show you your options with ”phone as a service.”


Our story

It began with a broken display. Now, nearly two hundred employees take care of our 1,000 business customers. We want to make using company equipment more eco-friendly and focused on the user. For companies, this means faster processes. For the climate, this means sustainable use of resources and fewer greenhouse gases. Get to know our story and the faces behind it here.



The everphone team is united by one common mission: to rethink the smartphone as a work tool and make it more sustainable. To do this, we focus on the needs of our customers and their employees. Our workflows are highly specialized, which is why we can work quickly and efficiently – while continuing to improve processes every day.

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