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Our Story

The story of everphone begins with a broken display, an unhappy phone insurance buyer by the name of Jan Dzulko, and some moderate paper warfare. The mobile work enthusiast realized there had to be a better, faster, more customer-friendly way to solve smartphone problems—and thus the founding idea of everphone was born.


Our Conviction

everphone has a diverse, international team working on the company phones of tomorrow. We want to make the smartphone into a sustainable, absolutely user-friendly work tool. To do this, we focus on the needs of our customers and their employees. We act fast and learn fast—and it’s okay to make mistakes.


Our Values

We work with focus and an eye on the results. Acting on our own responsibility is a matter of course for us.
If something goes wrong, we learn from it and continue developing.

Group 11

Radical Candor

Caring about people means honest feedback that helps them grow.

Group 3

Extreme Ownership

Take responsibility:
don't blame and trust your pilot!

Group 15

Make Mistakes and learn

Mistakes are good.
Fail, admit, learn and grow!

Group 5

Output, not Input

Your success is measured by results – not by the time spent.

Group 13

No Politics, no Ego

Disagree and commit.

Our Team

At everphone, collaboration isn’t some empty phrase, it’s a corporate culture that we live and breathe. We stick together and help one another. Around 250 people from 23 countries work at everphone. What unites us: digital DNA, global think­ing, and inter­na­tion­ality. We act with specific goals in mind and work in an atmo­sphere of mutual trust. We also love pancakes.


Our Careers

We are always looking for reinforcements. No matter if you’re at the beginning of your career or already an experienced hand: Become part of an incredible team and a grand vision! Help us revolutionize the way society uses corporate phones and tablets.


Our Press

Both national and international publications have already reported on everphone and “Phone as a Service”. We would also be happy to provide your editorial team with material and explain our background. Just get in touch with us.


Press contact
Would you like to talk or get more information?
press [at] everphone.com
+49 30 516958275

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