Case Study for Company Smartphones:
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simpleshow GmbH is market leader for explanatory videos. For smooth business processes, simpleshow employees depend on high-performance smartphones and mobile phone plans with high data volumes and superb network coverage.

simpleshow purchased its devices directly from the mobile provider. However, this caused high costs and a lot of additional expenses for handling repairs. simpleshow then switched to „Phone as a Service“ provided by everphone.


Find out in the everphone case study, how the conversion to rented company mobile phones led to ... 

  • ... a dramatic drop in the expenditure for repairs,
  • ... massive savings with phone plans,
  • ... 100% transparency and cost control,
  • ... the users being able to choose between iOS and Android and
  • ... the environmentally friendly handling of old appliances. 
"everphone has really done a good job with the tariff changeover. An excellent service!"


Discover everything about "unbundling", i.e. the decoupling of devices from phone plans in this success story. Also learn how to benefit by switching to a corporate mobile phone rental service model with free first level support and a dedicated B2B phone plan support.

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