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With "CYOD", your employees select the company device they wish for.

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"Choose your own device" increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

How does "choose your own device" work?

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Together with the employer, everphone ensures that employees get the device of their own choice. Employees receive an email directing them to a line-up of available smartphone models. This line-up has been preselected by the employer and everphone.

Once the user has chosen a device, everphone takes care of configuring the device according to the company's IT specifications and ships the device directly to the user. After receiving the company smartphone, it only needs to be registered once in order to securely integrate it into the company network.

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Step 1
Device Selection ("Line-up")

Users have different needs when choosing a phone: some are satisfied with a mid-range model, others want the top of the line flagship. Some need a large display, others a robust casing. And of course there are preferences as to whether they work with iOS or Android. With CYOD, the employer preselects a variety of models. From this line-up, users can choose their own device.
choose your own device co-payment

Step 2

For high-end devices, an employee co-payment can be arranged, meaning the user bears a part of the costs himself. If employees choose a model with co-payment, everphone takes care of the billing directly with the employer. You can see how high the co-payment is for given models when selecting devices in the line-up. However, there also are standard models without any co-payment.

choose your own device repair

Step 3

Users may order repairs and upgrades themselves: this substantially relieves the IT department or the help desk in your organization. Users simply log into the everphone customer portal and order the corresponding service. There are no additional costs for the company. The employee receives a new device and sends the old one back (free shipping). It really couldn't be any easier. 

Why a company phone?

Employee benefits with "CYOD"

Company phones for personal use

You can use our rental smartphones privately without restriction. The devices contain an encrypted "workspace", containing the apps and data required for your work. Your private data and apps are managed separately from these and cannot be viewed by IT. Which apps you install and use in your private space is entirely up to you. This way, both the company data and your personal photos, videos and documents are optimally protected – and you only need to have one phone with you.

Phone exchange included

If your company phone is broken or defective, everphone will immediately replace the device: this is part of our service and included in the rental terms. There are no costs for you or your company. If you have backed up or synchronized the data of the defective device, simply send it back to us with the free shipping return label we provide.

New devices on a regular basis

everphone offers a "living" portfolio of rental devices. This means that we integrate the latest smartphones and tablets in our line-ups. So at regular intervals, you can switch to a better, faster or larger mobile device with a device upgrade.

You're leaving?

When you leave your company, you can take your currently used phone with you. We will give you the opportunity to buy off the company device that you have been using – for further private use. You will receive a non-binding purchase offer from us in due course.

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CYOD: Full Service

With CYOD you profit from the same service as with the "classic" Phone as a Service: everphone takes care of everything.

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Refurbishing Smartphone


With a circular economy approach, we reduce the number of phones in usage. And considerably extend the device lifetime. 

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Phone as a service CYOD

Phone as a Service

No more phone hassle: our goal is to free your organization from all tasks around mobile devices with our comprehensive service.

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