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Company smartphones and tablets in an all-around carefree package: rent at a reasonable price instead of buying.


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Relief for the organisation

Help desk
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Procuring, setting up, and managing mobile devices involves lots of small tasks that can swamp your IT staff and help desk keeping them busy with to-dos related to the company devices.

The result: Other important tasks have to wait, or the issue or repair of the usually urgently needed mobile devices gets delayed. Both cases cause frustration amongst employees.


The everphone approach solves this problem so your valuable IT experts have capacity to focus on your organisation’s bigger needs. Our service takes care of the device issue once and for all.

everphone organises the required devices, sets up mobile device management (MDM) software to meet company specifications, and sends the devices- ready for use- directly to the employees desired address. All of this with no time or effort spent on your part.

If a device breaks down, everphone will arrange a brand-new replacement without any red tape. We take back the old device, delete any data still on it, and prepare it for further use. All for a fixed monthly fee with no hidden additional costs.


Company benefits

Finally, you pay only for the company devices that you actually need. If a device breaks, we’ll replace it. If an employee quits, the lease is simply terminated and the device returned. The MDM software ensures GDPR-compliant data protection and allows secure private use of the devices.

Needs-based equipment

Your organisation can benefit from:

  • transparent costs,
  • complete IT relief,
  • full scalability,
  • data protection and security,
  • sustainable and needs-based equipment, as well as
  • security functions like remote wiping and remote locking by the MDM.

Employee benefits

Our service has only advantages for employees as well: They always have a working device and can get quick assistance or a replacement if they have problems. In addition, the devices can be used privately without restriction: Data and phone numbers are neatly separated so that private data is protected and cannot be viewed by IT.

Great phones and excellent service

Employees can enjoy:

  • always up-to-date models,
  • fast replacement in case of damage or defects,
  • unrestricted private use,
  • clean implementation of data privacy measures, and
  • number separation through "Dual SIM" devices.


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Use cases

everphone already services over 1,000 companies in 28 countries.
We will also be happy to provide you with efficient, cost-effective fleet management.

In my professional career so far, I’ve never seen another IT project that has generated such a high user response. The consistently positive staff feedback is the best proof for me that our choice of ‘phone as a service’ was the right one.

Benjamin Wiehn
Head of IT | Municipality Dinslaken

With phone as a service, we’re modernising our iPhone fleet virtually in the background without any major outlay. Employees can continue work as usual. If one of our existing devices fails, it is updated to the newest iPhone model.

Benjamin-Schrade-Technischer Einkauf_Liqui-Moly
Benjamin Schrade
Project Controlling | LIQUI MOLY

Because you guys are doing it just right and taking tons of work off our shoulders. Your service is a huge relief for our organisation.

Erik Dahms
IT Manager | contentful


Our devices

Our portfolio focuses on the latest smartphones and tablets from Apple and Samsung. We also offer bargain buys from Nokia, Motorola, Google Pixel, and the latest sustainable Fairphone. Our range is rounded out with select laptops: MacBooks, Microsoft Surfaces, and Lenovo ThinkPads. We also offer matching accessories for all the brands mentioned, such as AirPods, Air Buds, Stylus, and Smart Covers.




Samsung Galaxy




Samsung Galaxy Tabs


Nokia & Google Pixel






Laptops | Notebooks




Your path to phone as a service


1. Planning

We come together to lay out guidelines and devices.


2. Setup

everphone takes care of all the necessary steps.


3. Roll-out

Devices are issued to your employees.


Frequently asked questions

We already have devices. What will happen to them?

We offer the option of integrating your existing equipment into our service package via a so-called lease buyback, then modernising it step by step. Your employees can continue their work as usual.

How many devices make the service pay off?

If you use more than 25 devices in your company, “phone as a service” will be of interest for you. Beyond about 300 devices, many companies may even need to assign a full time equivalent to mobile device management.

What does “MDM” mean? Do I need it?

“MDM” stands for Mobile Device Management, which is specialised software for managing devices. If you’re already using an MDM, we can easily integrate your solution into our service. If not, we can provide you with free MDM licenses from our technology partners as needed.

What is a co-payment?

We also offer a co-pay option for your employees: They can contribute to the cost of more expensive equipment. Example: The employee prefers the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 12. He can cover the difference with a co-payment. The cost for the company stays the same. We call this approach “choose your own device.”

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