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Hardware as a Service

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Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

"HaaS" is the optimal option for SaaS suppliers: If you want smart devices that are easy on your capital, then you've come to the right place!

Hardware as a Service Tablet

From cash register systems and logistics solutions to drone control systems – more and more mobile devices are being used. However, for SaaS providers hardware management is very labour and capital intensive.

Hardware as a Service Smartphone

Does your SaaS model require hardware to scale? We take care of the organisational complexity around the required mobile devices. everphone delivers hardware with your software on board – affordable, secure and reliable.

Hardware as a Service

everphone completely relieves you of the work involved with the devices. You can save resources, act flexibly and do not have high one-off hardware costs. And when orders boom or fall – no problem.

everphone simply scales with you.
Take a look at the following three examples.

Media4Care GmbH
Multiplication of demand through Corona pandemic
Flash scaling in 80 cities
Starship Technologies
Merchant in a Box
"You get an order - everphone takes care of it! We are highly specialised in the procurement and roll-out of mobile devices. This specialisation enables us to act extremely efficiently and thus cost-effectively".
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Jan Dzulko
everphone GmbH

TIER GmbH: Flash Scaling

TIER scales its mobility solutions worldwide - and everywhere there are different problems. In over 80 cities, TIER uses so-called "rangers" to repair and recharge their scooters. In each city, 20-50 Rangers need a high-performance smartphone, a mobile phone tariff, an MDM system and the Rangers app.

everphone takes care of the hardware. TIER informs us, how many rangers will start where and when. We do the heavy lifting and deliver the smartphones from Abu Dhabi to Vienna.


Media4Care: 4 x More Devices in Pandemic

Media4Care has set out to the digital enablement of senior citizens. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, demand quadrupled abruptly - the internal device managers struggled to cope with the enormously high number of orders.

everphone eliminated this obstacle to growth: through direct integration into the Salesforce process, everphone ships orders promptly (same-day).


Starship Technologies – Drone Deliveries

Starship builds delivery drones. To use them, affiliated partners need an Android pad and a thermal printer (called "Merchant in a Box"). Currently 500 of these merchants are active in the USA, 200 in the UK and 100 in Estonia.

Since October 2020, everphone has been taking care of equipping partners with the "Merchant in a Box", currently with 300 copies in a test run. However, more are to follow soon.

Starship Delivery

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