Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Device management, IT security, and software distribution with the right MDM software

Mobile Device Management
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Mobile Device Management

Who is using what? With an MDM software, you keep track of which employee is using which smartphone or tablet. The inventory is shown in real time – no more Excel lists!

IT Security

An MDM solution helps to implement internal IT compliance requirements. For example, it enforces secure passwords, encryption or the installation of OS security updates (patches).

Software Distribution

Mobile Device Management solutions also allow the centralized distribution of software. This simplifies the roll-out of productivity apps for all employees or defined user groups.

Manage All Devices

iOS or Android? Apple, Samsung, or Nokia? Most MDMs allow management of different mobile operating systems and manufacturers. We help you find the right MDM. 

MDM Providers

MobileIron, MaaS360, Baramundi, or VMware? With "Phone as a Service", we integrate the MDM solution you are already using. Alternatively, we advise you on MDM providers.

MDM Licenses

Together with our technology partners, we are also happy to provide you with MDM licenses that help you integrate your devices in an efficient and goal-oriented manner.

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Why Mobile Device Management?

MDM & Phone as a Service

Using a mobile device management or endpoint management software is fundamental to our "Phone as a Service" concept. The software ensures the separation of personal and business data on the devices, allowing for the unrestricted, private use of company phones.

The MDM sets up a secure, encrypted workspace within smartphones and tablets. This workspace is administered by the company IT department/admin. If necessary, it can also be deleted remotely ("remote wipe"). The loss of business data can thus be avoided.

In addition, an MDM offers a whole range of useful functions, such as inventory, zero touch roll-outs, centralized software/app distribution, enforced or delayed operating system updates, single sign ons, and many more.

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Mobile Device Management: Advantages

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Relieving the IT Team 

One of the biggest advantages is the substancial relief of valuable IT resources. The MDM helps to largely eliminate administration efforts around company smartphones and business tablets.

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Onboarding Experience

MDM software makes sure that your new colleagues get their mobiles devices in time and ready to use. This is crucial for both productivity and onboarding experience for new colleagues.

Mobile Device Management DSGVO

Data Protection & GDPR

The MDM separates personal from business data, therefore making it safe to use our phones for private purposes. Emails, numbers, and addresses are stored separately and GDPR compliant.

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