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Phone as a Service

Our service includes the procurement, administration, configuration, integration and maintenance of company smartphones, tablets and accessories.

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Phone as a Service Organisation

No More Phone Issues

Our goal is to free your organization from dealing with smartphones and tablets. Your IT manages and stays in control – everphone takes care of the rest: procurement, configuration, roll-outs and repairs.


Sustainable by Design

You only use the devices you actually need. Our circular economy approach significantly extends the operating life of phones and tablets and conserves valuable resources.

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Focused on User Experience

You can also seamlessly use our mobile devices for private purposes. Company and private data as well as phone numbers are strictly separated. This is safe, GDPR compliant and widely accepted by the users.

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Renting is the new owning

everphone is neither a distributor nor a lessor. We do not trade in devices, but remain the device owner. We handle almost the entire value chain in-house. As a result, our customers receive top notch smartphones with comprehensive rental service – flexible, scalable, and tailored to their needs. At the same time, our approach is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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Jan Dzulko
Founder & CEO

Phone as a Service 

Our device rental service is available in two clever variants.

 "Classic" Phone as a Service

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Together with the client, we define device classes for different user groups. Employees receive their devices directly from everphone: they only need to turn them on and access any WiFi to activate the company's configuration settings and get going. If something breaks, we resolve the issue directly with the user – no additional costs, no bureaucracy, no delay. The IT department has full cost transparency and has effectively outtasked everything around the company phones.

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Choose Your Own Device

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CYOD basically works in the same way as the classic "Phone as a Service", except that the employees choose the devices they want themselves. Together with everphone, the company determines a pre-selection ("line-up") and the company budget. From here, employees choose the iPhone or Android device that suits them best. If it is more expensive than the defined budget, they pay the difference via an employee co-payment.


What's the Point?

"Phone as a Service" at a Glance


Optimise your organisation.


Make your devices safe and GDPR compliant.


Save on both hardware and phone plans.


Eco-friendly devices and fleet management.


Use smartphones and tablets as a cost-neutral employee benefit.

Outtasking relieves your IT specialists 

Don't block valuable IT resources with redundant device management tasks. everphone takes care of the heavy lifting: we specialize in device lifecycle management workflows and handle these tasks quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Save the Data

With our service, your company phones and tablets become fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our solution separates private and business data on the devices by using MDM (Mobile Device Management) software. This concept is called "containerisation". If a device is lost or stolen, the workspace container can be remotely deleted (remote wipe) – making sure that none of the sensitive business data is transferred to unauthorized third parties.


Reduce Costs for Mobile Devices

With Phone as a Service, you only pay for the devices you actually use. If an employee leaves the company, he returns the device and the device rental simply ends. everphone performs a certified data erasure and refurbishes the device for a second lifecycle.

We operate without hidden or subsequent additional costs: you have full cost transparency. Our services already include replacement devices and end-to-end logistics with the individual users.

Optionally, we also consult on mobile phone plans: Here we identify unnecessary cost drivers and also make the recommended plan adjustments directly with the provider.

Sustainable company phones

With everphone, your company devices become considerably more sustainable. Our concept of circular economy is sustainable by design because of three aspects:

  1. It effectively doubles the service life of phones and tablets, reducing carbondioxide emissions and saving valuable resources such as rare earths.
  2. It reduces the amount of overall devices in usage. Users no longer need a second device for private purposes.
  3. It allows for sustainably produced devices such as the Fairphone.


Smartphones are a great incentive

With everphone, you can offer company phones and tablets to all your employees – even to those who don't need one on the job. Thanks to our co-payment system, where the employee bears a part of the costs – or even all costs – this benefit is very cost-efficient.

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If the co-payment is made through a gross salary conversion, employees profit from substantial tax breaks, effectively cutting costs for their devices in half. They also enjoy the full everphone service package. This includes device exchanges when the device doesn't work properly any more – no extra costs here.  

It's hard to find smartphones with better service for a better price – that's why employees love our "Phone as a Benefit" approach. Companies can use the benefit for employer branding and in the recruitment process to attract digital natives.


Takeover of
existing devices

What happens to the equipment that your employees are currently already using? Here we offer a takeover of your inventory: We buy the old equipment from you and rent it back to you, including all services and the possibility of device upgrades/modernisation. We call this procedure "BARB" (buy and rent back).


Modernising your device fleet one phone at a time

Iteration instead of "Big Bang" IT projects: Our approach allows to modernise your device fleet piece by piece. No huge project plans, no overhead, no rigid timings, no "Day X". You determine the pace at which the existing devices are replaced and upgraded. We carry out the tasks and provide you with data in real time.


Increase employee satisfaction

Phone as a Service offers an all-around positive user experience – from onboarding of new colleagues to end of lease. With flagship models from Apple or Samsung, you can make your colleagues happy. At the same time, you can communicate the company cell phone as a benefit in the highly competitive job market.


This is what our clients say.


"The device fleet virtually modernizes itself in the background; at the same time, users love that the can upgrade their currently used devices if they want to. (...) In my professional career to date, I have never experienced an IT project that has generated such a high level of user response. The consistently positive feedback from the collegues is the best proof for me that the decision for CYOD was the right one."


Benjamin Wiehn
Public Utilities Dinslaken GmbH


"Previously, the procurement of mobile devices was based on the purchase of equipment. However, this approach proved to be outdated in the digital transformation: device purchasing was cost-intensive and too inflexible overall under the pressure of increasing digitalization requirements."


Dominik Dornhardt
Municipal Administration Erkelenz


„Mit Phone as a Service realisieren wir die Modernisierung unserer iPhone-Flotte ohne großen Aufwand und im Hintergrund. Die Kolleginnen und Kollegen arbeiten wie gewohnt weiter. Fällt eines der Bestandsgeräte aus, wird es auf das neue iPhone SE aktualisiert.“

Benjamin-Schrade-Technischer Einkauf_Liqui-Moly

Benjamin Schrade
Technischer Einkauf | LIQUI MOLY GmbH

Zur Case Study „LIQUI MOLY GmbH“


"Because you provide the perfect service for our phones. Just spot-on."


Erik Dahms
Contentful GmbH


"Repairing broken smartphones was previously far too time-consuming and expensive. Here, everphone takes all the work off our hands. The phone plan support also saves us a lot of time. everphone really does a good job - an excellent service!"


Ineke Methner
simpleshow GmbH

Download Case Study "simpleshow GmbH"

“We are very satisfied with the everphone service - 5 out of 5 stars! Deliveries to our employees are fast and reliable and we can always rely on the customer service. Everything top!”

Brahim Ramaj
James Hardie Europe GmbH

Download Case Study "James Hardie"

Stadtwerke_Emmedningen_Logo„Das Onboarding beim everphone-Service war hervorragend. Das MDM ist für uns enorm praktisch: Wir haben zwei Usergruppen mit verschiedenen Software- und Rechtepaketen angelegt. Die Integration neuer Geräte erfolgt 'over the Air' mit ein paar Klicks – everphone schickt dann ohne Umwege ein einsatzbereites und fertig konfiguriertes Smartphone direkt an die Mitarbeitenden.“

Oli Lou Kramer
IT-Koordination | Stadtwerke Emmendingen GmbH


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